The Brunswick Herald Welcomes the City of Brunswick’s New Grants Coordinator, 

Eileen Dwyer 

By: James R. Castle

Q: Tell us where you live and any other personal information you would like to share.

A:  I live in Thurmont with my family. I have four children and just welcomed the birth of my first grandchild.


Q: Where were you last employed?

A: Nonprofit sector.


Q: How did you learn of the Grants Coordinator position?



Q: What attributes does Eileen Dwyer bring to the City of Brunswick?

A: Nearly 20 years’ experience in funding research for nonprofits.


Q: Have you identified grant opportunities for the City?

A:  I have met with several department heads to identify funding needs and previous funding opportunities. I regularly search for potential funding sources for the City and have signed up to receive funding opportunity email notifications from government agencies such as the Department of Justice.


Q: Are previous plans the City created helpful to you in identifying grants?

A: Yes. There are several previous grant funding opportunities that are useful resources for new projects.


Q: Do you find the City’s budget and capital plans as an aid to grant opportunities?

A: Yes. The budget helps to identify potential projects in need of funding.


Q: Is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting grant opportunities?

A: Yes. While there are some areas where the CARES Act has added funding opportunities, other areas have been adversely affected.


Q: What does one year of grant success look like to you?

A: Identifying many sustainable funding opportunities to benefit the City of Brunswick.


Q: Is there anything else you wish to share?

A: I’m a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Jim Castle

Posted by: Jim Castle

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