Goats owned by Amy Garrett-Moana, Poa, Belle, and Andi wanting to play too.


Erin Lee’s horses Brandy Mae and Petey Pete photo.


Victor, owned by Kathryn Litherland is a Norwegian Fjord, and he says it’s not frozen but it’s better than Maryland in July.


Ethan Gibson enjoying the snow!


Roman Row loving the snow!


Grayson and Annalena DiPietro, their Dad, Dominic DiPietro, is in the Santa suit.


Danny Gaither, racing his dog, Rudy.


Jessica and Kelsey Myers making snow angels.


Ayden Beachley is excited about the snow!


Sawyer, a German Shepherd owned by Jessi Webb and family. Jessi says, “He’s obsessed with frisbees. We didn’t think he would find his in the snow, but he quickly proved us wrong.”


Kendra Pifer with her son Tharen Whiting and Kelsey Pifer with Rowan Pifer’s first snow.


Brownsville snow photo by Karla Myers.


Kathryn Litherland’s dog Harper learning about snow for the first time from her little old man Pumpkin.


Tristan Karter doing a little snow dance.


Adalynn Warrenfeltz first time ever sledding photo.

Lisa V. Proulx

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