Scam Alert-Suspects Asking for Cash on the Same Day

Throughout this past week Frederick County Sheriff Office (FCSO) deputies and detectives have responded to multiple calls of fraud in which actual suspects are showing up at residences trying to collect money.

“These cases typically start with the suspect contacting the victim over the phone and stating that a family member has been arrested and the victim needs to pay the family member’s bail or bond,” said Corporal Kevin Britt, FCSO Criminal Investigation Section detective. “The suspect tells the victim that they will come to the victim’s residence later that day to retrieve the money. Believing this is the real, the victim will then gather a large amount of money and provide this to the suspect when they show up to collect the money. Not until after providing the suspect the money does the victim realize that their family member is perfectly fine.

“This creates a bad situation that we don’t want anyone to put themselves in. At no time will anyone associated with a family member’s bail or bond come to your house to collect those fees. There is a set process for that and we want to make sure that everyone knows this is a scam.”

A list of things to remember about scams and scam artists:

  • Almost all scams have a sense of urgency – if you don’t act now, something bad will happen
  • The suspect will typically tell you not to contact the police or family
  • Remember, SLOW DOWN, THINK, don’t let them rush you
  • Call a trusted family member or the FCSO at 301-600-1046, to tell them what is happening if you think something is suspicious.

There are currently several open cases of this fraud and FCSO detectives are conducting an on-going investigation. If you have experienced this scam or have any information, contact 301-600-1046.


Jim Castle

Posted by: Jim Castle

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