PUBLIC HEALTH ALERT: Child bit by Dog on E. Orndorff Drive in Brunswick while playing. Seeking Owner of a Lab Mix type Dog.
A child was bitten by a scruffy appearing Lab Mix type dog on Saturday, December 12, 2020 at about 4pm while playing outside. The dog is described as having medium length hair with 2 toned fur of dark brown and black, about 70-80 pounds, wearing a red collar with no visible tags. The bite occurred as the child and parent were playing in the parking lot when the dog jumped up on the child and bit him in the face. The dog then ran towards the apartments across the street.
The Frederick County Health Department is requesting that the owner, or anyone who has information regarding the animal, contact Frederick County Animal Control (FCAC) so the victim may avoid receiving unnecessary and expensive post-exposure rabies vaccinations. Contact is needed to confirm the animal’s health and whereabouts. The animal will be quarantined, which can occur in the owner’s home, for 10 days to monitor its health. If the animal is verified to be in good health 10 days after the bite, the victim will not need to receive the series of post-exposure rabies vaccinations, and the animal will be allowed to resume normal activity. The owner or anyone who has information about the animal is asked to contact Frederick County Animal Control at 301-600-1544.
If you or someone in your family is bitten or scratched by a dog or cat, obtain contact information from the animal’s owner so that appropriate action can be taken. Report bites to Animal Control at 301-600-1544. Report possible human exposure to Community Health Services at 301-600-3342. For general rabies questions, call Environmental Health Services at 301-600-1717. Visit for more information.

Jim Castle

Posted by: Jim Castle

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