Pleasant Valley News

Pleasant Valley News

By: Lisa V. Proulx

Snow in Pleasant Valley

The first snowfall of the season blanketed the Valley on Wednesday, December 16 with almost a foot of snow in some areas. Many cars were stranded in the ice and snow, and others required help from neighbors to get up hills or out of their driveways.

Valley Road Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Pleasant Valley kids didn’t mind the snow and judging by these photos, they were having a blast. The fur babies, horses, and goats enjoyed themselves as well.

The Valley was saddened by the death of long-time resident Marvin Harmon, who passed away on Friday, December 18. Marvin lived on Reed Road in Pleasant Valley for at least 60 years. A handsome and charismatic man, he was a friend to all who knew him. We have his wife Kim, sons Dwayne, Larry, and families, and the entire Harmon family in our prayers. From close friend (and former neighbor) Jeff Taulton, “What a great life he had… what a great friend and parent he was.” He would have celebrated his 80th on Saturday, December 19.

Marvin Harmon




Another loss hit the Valley hard with the passing of Frank Deener, who passed away Tuesday, December 15. The family held a memorial to celebrate the life of Franklin Roosevelt “Frank” Deener on Tuesday, December 22 at 1:00 pm at Grace Baptist Church, at 4272 Charles Town Road, Kearneysville, West Virginia.

Frank Deener



Church News

Pleasant Valley Baptist Church

PVBC Women’s Bible study group practices social distancing but came together for this photo.

Left to right, front row- Cindy Reazin, Debbie Hinkle, Kathy Bouw, and Donna Gregory. Back row left to right- Adrena Sheppard, Margo Moore, and Elaine Pitts

While many ministry events have had to be canceled or postponed because of the pandemic, many are taking place or have taken place in 2020.

Pleasant Valley Baptist Church has participated in…

The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (local and national)

The ground and building improvement at Skycroft.

Filling shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child

A Pro-Life Rally in Frederick

Handing out personal protection to healthcare workers for the Maryland Pandemic Relief

The “Baby Bottle Campaign” to benefit HAPC (Hagerstown Area Pregnancy Clinic)

At PVBC they…

Share God’s love with children of all ages

Distribute food through their Food Bank

Encourage young woman through Soul Sisters

Hold women’s Bible studies

Attend to prayer request/needs

Distributed free breakfasts for two weeks

Made and distributed face masks in local areas.

Hold Sign Language classes

For more information about the Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, you can call 301-432-2621


It’s a tradition every year for Santa Claus to visit Himes Store and for the family to hold their annual Open House, but sadly this year they have put the plans on hold because of Covid. Sam says, “Sorry folks, it’s not safe to do that this year.” I, like so many others, grew up in Pleasant Valley and look forward to these Christmas traditions every year. “It won’t feel like Christmas without seeing Santa at Himes Store,” said one disappointed resident.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is urging all residents to stay home this Christmas and to limit travel to essential purposes only saying the holidays will be a critical time in the fight against the Coronavirus.

According to the Baltimore Sun, “Our message today is simple: You are safer at home for the holidays this year,” Hogan said at a news conference in Annapolis. “It will save lives.”

The state health department is also advising people to limit gatherings to 10 people or fewer, down from a previous advisory warning against groups of over 25 people.

With more and more families being separated and loved ones far apart, many residents are making the most of the uncertain and unfamiliar territory we are all walking through together.

One resident says, “I was invited to a family gathering but felt uncomfortable attending so I politely declined.”

Paige Hammarlund says, “We are staying home for Christmas and doing an outdoor/porch gift exchange with family.”

Kathryn Litherland moved to Maryland from Illinois 18 years ago and this will be the second time she has not driven back to see her family at Christmas. The other time she was in the hospital. “I miss everyone terribly, but they all understand, which made a difficult decision easier. I’m going to plan a Midwestern ‘Christmas in July’ getaway because Lord knows we could all use it by then. And I won’t have to worry about weather conditions for the drive.

Paula Smothers Virts says, “This year we are doing a Zoom Christmas with the family, I hope this is not the new normal! But thankful this technology is available. Merry Christmas everyone!”

Wishing everyone a safe and beautiful Merry Christmas!