Park Heights Cemetery (Brunswick) is a non-profit all-volunteer community service team. The current Cemetery organization has been chartered, licensed, and successfully operating since early 2005.


Our long-standing Treasurer will stand down effective January 1, 2021 but will remain on the active Cemetery team.


This is a satisfying opportunity for community volunteering. This position does not require a CPA or Accountant skills (although such would be welcome), nor experience with any commercial Financial/Accounting system. Rather, someone who is a responsible team player, is organized, and is good with numbers.


Work at your own pace, and ‘make the job yours’. You will need a computer and basic skills with the Internet, Email, Excel, and Word. Sometimes a few things need to be done in a day, sometimes no things need doing for several weeks. There is no payroll to process, no debt to service, nor taxes to deal with. Training and transition will be provided of course.


The Cemetery has been well served by our current Treasurer. Records are in great shape and likely can be learned quickly. Our assets are kept at PNC Bank. Income (examples: donations, lot sales) is deposited, and expenses (examples: grass cutting, insurance) are paid. Some reports are occasionally required. At the end of any year, you will have worked with about $20,000 of transactions.


Please contact Jim Cox (PHC President) at 301.606.0948 or

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