Replacement of Inside Water Meters – 300-800 Blocks of Brunswick Street

The City of Brunswick is beginning a project to move water meters located inside of homes to a meter crock in the sidewalk. This allows for easier access and maintenance of the meter by City crews. It also aligns these properties with most other City properties where meters are located in sidewalk crocks, and thus the responsibility of the homeowner from the sidewalk into the home. A contractor has been hired to complete this work and will begin in the coming weeks.
During this project, several things will happen:
Parking will be impacted on your street. No parking signs will be placed in front of the homes the contractor needs to access. These signs will be moved accordingly by the contractor throughout the project.
If your meter is scheduled to be replaced, you will receive notice on your door the day prior to the scheduled replacement. Your house will be without water while the project is being completed.
At a later time, you will be contacted by the City to allow staff access to remove the old water meter from inside your home.
If you reside within the 300 – 800 blocks of Brunswick Street, and your water meter is already located outside of your home, you may disregard this notice.
Questions, contact Department of Public Works at 301-834-7500.

Jim Castle

Posted by: Jim Castle

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