Health and Wellness Consultant Honors Her Mom and Helps Others

By: Lisa V. Proulx

When her mother Vicki was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer, Baily French wanted more than anything to help her.

In college pursuing a pre-pharmacy degree, she switched her degree, which changed the course of her education, which altered the course of her life and in turn, changed the life of her mother.

Her mother was sent down the path of traditional cancer-fighting treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. She also received alternative care such as nutrition counseling, naturopathy, and other supportive treatment throughout her care program at the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Georgia.

”Those alternative treatments inspired my switch from pre-pharmacy into nutrition, as I could see firsthand the incredible change food can make in our bodies before medications are ever needed.”

Bailey, born and raised in Rohrersville and a 2017 graduate of Boonsboro High School, is a dual entrepreneur and nutritional scientist. Her 2020 graduation from Purdue University Global with a bachelors in nutrition science, equipped her with the tools and knowledge to educate others on how food interacts with their unique body.

She created Be Well Health and Wellness Consultants to honor and help her mom and others who could have avoided chronic illness with proper nutrition intervention. Her mission to bring total body wellness to the masses based on science and real food makes Be Well HWC a one-of-a-kind service that’s affordable for all.

“The new wave of health and wellness is here, and I am proud to be on the forefront of it,” says Bailey.

She has experience in all aspects of nutrition education from herbal supplements to cellular digestion and is excited to share this information with those who are looking for real wellness transformation.

Aside from her mother, who is now four years cancer-free, Bailey has the rest of her family on board. “We have used alternative measures such as high quality essential oils, nutritional and herbal supplementation, and nutritional plans to better our health overall and our entire family who are passionate about achieving wellness as naturally as possible.”

Her specialty is in chronic illness prevention and reversal, with a focus on nutritional and herbal supplementation. “I’m passionate about this field because chronic illnesses are on the rise as cancer, autoimmune disorders, depression, diabetes, and more. Our current healthcare system is overrun with sick patients, while preventative medicine practitioners are far under capacity. For us, as prevention providers, it’s not about being at capacity and making our living. It’s about helping people.”

Her vision for the future is clear. “I dream that one day, we will have a world without chronic disease. Where people respect preventative care instead of viewing it as “witchdoctory” and where doctors, nutrition professionals, exercise therapists, herbalists, and all other types of wellness professionals are involved in the care of all patients- not just the ones who are already sick and dying and have exhausted all other traditional options.”

As the Founder, CEO, Nutritional Scientist, and Coach of Be Well Health and Wellness, Bailey’s specialties are, Nutrition for Chronic Illness, Plant-based Nutrition, Nutritional Supplements, Science-Based Nutrition Coaching, and Eating Well on a Budget.

For more information on Bailey French, and her company Be Well Health and Wellness, please check out her website BeWellhwc | Be Well Health and Wellness Consultants ( or you can find her on Facebook (12) Be Well Health and Wellness Consultants | Facebook and her blog

Lisa V. Proulx

Posted by: Lisa V. Proulx

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