During the 2020-2021 school year J. Allen and Associates provided the Budget Challenge financial education program to 1654 students in nine high schools. Even though most of the school year was taught either remote or blend of remote and in-person instruction, student engagement was the same or slightly higher than in pre-pandemic years when the program was used in-person. This is a testament to the how engaging the program is and how FCPS teachers were able to maximize the effectiveness of the program under difficult learning conditions.

Specific Performance Results
Pre-Test/Post-Test of Financial Knowledge average improvement: 44.3%
Trophies are awarded for demonstrating specific financial behaviors such as creating an Emergency Fund of Perfect Payment of all bills in full and on-time. Fredrick County students earned a total of 2828 trophies.
On average students estimated that the simulation saved them 83.12 in late fees per year, meaning the program experience should save FCPS students $137,480 in fees their first year as an independent adult.

District-wide survey responses for selected questions:
Do you think all high school and college students should participate in a simulation like this?
89.3% said yes
As a result of the simulation are you more knowledgeable about how to write checks and pay bills? 92.1% said yes
As a result of the simulation are you more able to avoid fees from vendors and banks? 92.7% said yes
As a result of the simulation are you more skilled at creating budgets? 84.2% said yes

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