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Our Co-Publisher, James R. Castle serves as a judge for Frederick County and Maryland History Day

FCPS Announces History Day Winners

Twelve Students Made the Grade Advancing to the State Competition

Frederick County is steeped in history and many local students really appreciate the subject. They were able to showcase their knowledge as Frederick County Public Schools held its district-level National History Day competition again digitally this year.

The theme was Communication in History: The Key to Understanding. The competition’s primary purpose was to teach students research skills. First- and second-place winners will advance to the state-level contest.

Placing first in senior-level competition for grades 9-12 areOakdale High’s Alli Stup in the individual documentaries category; Walkersville High’s Zoe Tobery for individual performance; home-schooled students Joshua and Matthew Gunter in the group website category; and Frederick High’s Mia Venezia in the paper category.

Placing first in junior-level competition for grades 6-8 are West Frederick Middle’s Canton Wetzel for individual website; and home-schooled Robert Thurman in the individual documentaries category; and Breana Schwam in the paper category.

Placing second in senior-level competition are Gov. Thomas Johnson High’s Diya Jha for individual documentaries; home-schooled Liam Grogan for individual performance; and Oakdale High’s McKenzie Mollica in the paper category.

Placing second in junior-level competition is West Frederick Middle’s Joel Abu in the individual documentaries category.

All of these students will move on to the statewide competition on May 1. National History Day will take place virtually June 13-17. For more information, please visit


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