Majors Second Half Standings

Through May 31

Orioles 5, Phillies 2-2, Cubs 0-2, Reds 0-3

Recent Scores

Orioles 10, Phillies 3. Orioles 17, Reds 9


Tuesday, June 1—Reds vs. Phillies. Wednesday, June 2—Cubs vs. Phillies. Thursday ,June 3—Reds vs. Orioles. Friday, June 4—Phillies vs. Cubs.

Minors Division Schedule

Tuesday, June 1—Nationals vs. Orioles. Wednesday, June 2—Frederick American vs. A’s. Saturday, June 5—Nationals vs. A’s.

Majors Softball Schedule

Tuesday, June 1—South County at Lady Roaders. Saturday, June 5—Lady Roaders vs. Montgomery County Dragons. Lady Roaders vs. Montgomery County Queen Bees.

Minors Softball Schedule

Wednesday, June 2—Lady Roaders Black vs. Lady Roaders Garnet. Friday, June 4—Lady Roaders Garnet vs. Lady Roaders Gold. Saturday, June 6—Lady Roaders Black vs. MCLL.

District 2 Junior Standings

Through May 27

American Division

BRLL Gold 10-0, MCLL Senators 5-3-1, FALL Elks 3-4, MCLL Marlins 2-9-1, FLL Dodgers 0-9

National Division

BRLL Garnet 8-1, MCLL Yankees 6-4, FLL Orange 4-5, MCLL Nationals 4-5, FLL Black 3-6

Recent Scores

BRLL Garnet 18, FLL Dodgers 1. MCLL Senators 15, MCLL Marlins 0. FALL Elks 15, BRLL Gold 10. FLL Black 12, MCLL Marlins 11. MCLL Senators 17, FLL Dodgers 10. MCLL Yankees 13, FLL Orange 5. BRLL Garnet 14, FLL Orange 0. BRLL Gold 15, MCLL Yankees 0. BRLL Gold 11, FALL Elks 6. FLL Black 12, MCLL Nationals 11. MCLL Senators 13, FLL Dodgers 2.


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