On Monday evening, May 31, 2021, The Brunswick Herald was given a tip that the Senior class from Brunswick High School was having a camp out on the front lawn as part of their senior prank.

When this reporter arrived, there were about 50 students hanging out, eating hotdogs, playing corn hole, and having a good time. I approached a group of students who were cooking on the tailgate of a truck and asked what was going on?

I was greeted with smiles and then told that this event was the bookend to their senior year. A year which started at the Brunswick Sportsplex.

The class of 2021 began their year under a cloud of uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Determined to make the best of it, they got together and watched the sunrise on the first day of school.

Now that their year is over they had planned to meet up at the High school to watch the sunset, have a cook out and camp out and then greet the school’s underclassmen as they arrived for school by bombarding them with silly string.

Despite having permission to be on the campus from the school’s principal, and the Brunswick police, FCPS security arrived around 11:00 pm and told them to pack it up because they were trespassing.

The seniors complied and left. They arrived back this morning to continue the silly spray prank and were rebuffed by school authorities.

The Brunswick Herald wishes the best to these young men and women. Here is hoping you have a great summer and that your plans for work and college can go off without a hitch.

Thanks to Gail Fitzgerald for the tip and to seniors Cassidy Cosgrove, Jenna Rhodes, and Skyler Bowers for taking the time to speak with us.



Johnston law
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