FREDERICK, MD – Consumer Confidence Reports for calendar year 2020 are now available on the Frederick County Government website (, according to the Frederick County Division of Water and Sewer Utilities.

The Safe Drinking Water Act requires all community water systems to provide an annual Consumer Confidence Report to its customers.  Among other things, the report lists the regulated contaminants found in drinking water, as well as information about health effects that may be related to violations of the drinking water standards.

Frederick County’s water quality professionals perform thousands of tests every year – in treatment plants as well as the distribution system – to measure the quality of tap water delivered to customers. These tests include those that are mandatory for all U.S. water utilities as well as additional tests that are conducted voluntarily to strive for water that not only meets but surpasses the standards required by law.

Through the end of June, water customers will see a notice printed in their quarterly billing statement that includes a direct web link to their system’s report on the Frederick County website.

“Our team of water quality and plant operations professionals works hard to help ensure high quality water for our customers. Their expertise and dedication ensure our customers have a safe and reliable source of drinking water,” said Mark Schweitzer, Director of the Division of Water and Sewer Utilities. 

Customers who are unable to view this report online can contact the division at 301-600-1825 to request a paper copy, which will be mailed to them.

For further information or questions about the content of the Consumer Confidence Reports, contact the Division of Water and Sewer Utilities at 301-600-1825.

Johnston law
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